Social Impact

Through a unique partnership with PODER, our parent nonprofit, Oprima-1 functions with a clear dual purpose:  to meet clients’ bilingual call center and diverse staffing needs while preparing Chicago’s Spanish-speaking community to develop marketable job skills and secure employment that propels them towards economic self-sufficiency.

Our Impact

Advocate job placement retention rate at 180+ days
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Advocates who have graduated with an industry-specific certificate or license
Employers who contracted Oprima-1

Traditional call centers experience an annual turnover of 300% or more. But while our competitors view this as a cost of doing business and an unavoidable hit to their bottom line, we see opportunity. Employment with Oprima-1 is transitional. Meaning, as your company grows, Oprima-1 will grow with you. Through an optional contingency placement agreement that includes a 90-day replacement guarantee, you’ll have the opportunity to direct hire the same Oprima-1 employees with whom you’ve already been working. They’re familiar with your customers and your products and the transition to your internal sales team will be seamless.

Why would we encourage our most valuable assets, our employees, to work for you?  Oprima-1 is owned by a nonprofit and through this unique partnership, we make decisions based on a double bottom line:  profitability and social impact. We’re able to meet clients’ bilingual call center and diverse staffing needs while developing marketable skills in Chicago’s Latino community.  This social enterprise, and earned revenue model, generates income for the nonprofit while propelling Oprima-1 transitional employees toward economic self-sufficiency. Oprima-1’s corporate and government clients take pride in fostering job creation and community development on Chicago’s Southwest side. The return – for your company, the individual, and our region as a whole – is clear.

As a social enterprise LLC, Oprima-1 collaborates with national and local organizations that are committed to strengthening and promoting this business model. Partners include the Customer Service Institute of America, SE4Jobs community at REDF, Social Enterprise Alliance, and Chicago Jobs Council.

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