Business Model

As a premium BPO call center and staffing solutions social enterprise offering industry-specific training and customizable contact center services in both Spanish and English, Oprima-1 LLC cost-effectively connects third-party clients to the country’s expanding Latino population. 

In 2018, the buying power of Latinos in the U.S. reached $1.7 trillion. And with over 60 million individuals who identify as Hispanic, this demographic will continue to grow and evolve. Oprima-1 has an intimate knowledge of the Latino community and understands the diverse needs of this demographic – from Latinos who are recent arrivals to the U.S. to 3rd generation millennials.

When you choose to partner with Oprima-1, you’ll receive more than just language-specific customer care support services.  We’ll connect your business to customers on a deeper level.  Oprima-1 employees live and work in Chicago’s Latino communities.  They share a common culture and understand the unique experience of being a Latino living in the United States. And yes, they speak your customers’ preferred language whether that be English, Spanish or a combination of both, affectionately referred to by U.S.-based Latino as Spanglish.

Oprima-1’s added value includes:

  1. A Focus on Quality – Oprima-1 call center customer representatives (or advocates) are Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA) trained and certified.  In addition to your product-specific training, they receive continuing education to ensure they provide an unparalleled quality of service to each customer during every interaction
  2. A Variety in Service Channel – Oprima-1 offers expert-level customer service across a range of channels, from phone and live chat to email and social media
  3. A Relationship-Centered Business – Oprima-1 leadership focuses time and resources on developing the right relationships with the right partners to ensure we’re recruiting exceptional bilingual talent both for our outsourced contact center clients as well as temp-to-hire or direct-hire (permanent placement) staffing solutions

Oprima-1’s flexible offerings and in-house support ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction at affordable rates. View our extensive services and features here.

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