Client List & Testimonials

Since 2012, Oprima-1 has worked with companies across multiple sectors to provide BPO call center and staffing solutions.

Businesses who have contracted Oprima-1’s in/outbound call center services:

  • AltaVista
  • Edge Contact Services
  • Esperanza Health Center
  • Navigate Power
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Sinai Access Community
  • Straight Forward/Time Warner Cable
  • The Chicago Community Trust/Smart Chicago
  • The Jumper Store
  • United Way
  • U.S. Department of Labor/EMPLEO

Business who have used Oprima-1’s bilingual talent placement services:

  • Alivio Health Center
  • Alonti Catering
  • Alta Staffing Boutique-Maximus
  • Alternative Staffing, Inc.
  • CVR Associates
  • Dolex Dollar Express
  • Dr. Eloisa Garcia
  • Help at Home
  • Kensington Service Station
  • Mariano’s
  • Multi Viaje Gutierrez
  • Paramount Events
  • The Chicago Lighthouse
  • Straight Forward


"What Oprima-1 is doing is not just teaching people how to speak English, but they are also teaching people real job skills and real human skills that they can use in any kind of job. In five days, they were able to call over 3,500 individuals and schedule over 140 appointments. That's an incredible return on investment; what we're seeing is for every patient we can get off our uninsured list and into insurance, not only does that change that person's life, but it really changes our business from the bottom line perspective, too."
Dan Fulwiler
CEO Esperanza Health Centers

“I would go to Oprima-1 without thinking twice. They would be my first stop in looking for a new candidate because of the quality training and work that they do in preparing people to thrive in the call center workplace. It shortens the time that it takes to really identify an appropriate candidate for a position.”
Jean-Claude Kappler
Vice President, Chicago Lighthouse Industries
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